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I’ve got to say I obviously couldn’t have done this without you guys. And I’m so appreciative to have been blessed with being able to come here and have you take care of me, teach me what I needed to do and get me better.

Lincoln Schindler, former Madonna patient

A crash on a rural Nebraska road left Lincoln with multiple broken bones and a brain injury.  Madonna was able to meet his medically complex needs early in his care when he wasn’t able to move on his own. His rehabilitation therapies helped him regain his independence and ability to walk.
Lincoln Schindler's road to recovery includes celebrating more birthdays

Lincoln Schindler's road to recovery includes celebrating more birthdays


Madonna focuses on rehabilitation while providing comprehensive care to patients with complex medical conditions. From ventilator care to wound management, our programs and services are designed to ensure every need is met with expertise and managed with compassion.

Our Pulmonary Program provides individualized care for patients who require a ventilator or tracheostomy tube to breathe. We offer specialized care for children and adults with conditions that lead to dependence on tracheostomy tubes and mechanical ventilation. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of independence possible.

Slow-healing or non-healing wound patients receive specialized care from nurses and therapists who are trained to develop individualized treatment and rehabilitation plans for patients to gain the highest level of independence possible. Family members and caregivers are given hands-on education and provided support needed for the patient to transition to a less intensive environment

Common diagnoses like sepsis and pneumonia require the right combination of preventative measures and treatment for a patient to achieve the highest level of independence possible. The highly skilled team at Madonna provides individually developed plans to reach this goal. 

Madonna offers equipment to meet the unique needs of bariatric patients. This include a private treatment room and along with specialized equipment that keeps the patient safe.

On-Site Care

Patients are seen daily by a hospitalist, which is a board certified internal medicine practitioner.

Registered nurses with rehabilitation training or experience are on staff at all times to care for patients.

Madonna also has licensed and experienced respiratory therapists available 24/7 to care for all levels of pulmonary conditions. Our respiratory therapists are able to provide arterial blood gas (ABG) services.  Pulmonologists can perform bronchoscopies on-site with help from the respiratory team.

Madonna provides a full range of inpatient pharmacy services, including medication distribution, patient education, and clinical/dosing services.

Madonna is able to provide radiology services that include X-ray, ultrasound, echocardiogram, venous doppler, arterial doppler, Holter monitor, sleep study and electroencephalogram (EEG).

Madonna's in-house laboratory provides anticoagulation, hematology, chemistry, therapeutic drug level testing and urine analysis services with results available the same day in most cases.

Madonna has registered dietitians and licensed medical nutrition therapists who are part of the care team and ensure the patient's individualized nutrition plan is met.

Neuropsychologists and rehabilitation counselors are an integral part of rehabilitation at Madonna.  They provide a variety of services, including neuropsychological assessment, adjustment counseling, pain management, family therapy, concussion or mild brain injury evaluation, memory testing, dementia evaluation, neurofeedback, biofeedback, behavioral management and psychoeducation.

Specially trained therapists help our patients establish proper seating and positioning for patients who use mobility devices.

Madonna is committed to meet all the needs of its patients--physical, spiritual and emotional. The chapel, the heart and soul of Madonna, is there to nurture faith and hope during times of crisis.

Program Highlights

Rehabilitation for medically complex patients includes specialized services that promote regaining the highest level of independence: 

Additional Programs and Services

Madonna offers specialized services that focus on real-life skills to help people achieve their greatest level of independence and get back to their families, work, community and activities.

Awards and Accreditations

View a list of awards and accreditations that demonstrate our commitment to providing the best quality of care for our patients.  

State-of-the-Art Technology

As a nationally recognized rehabilitation leader, Madonna has some of the most advanced rehabilitation technology available.

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